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Author Support

Are you interested in publishing with EDP? See below for proposal submission guidelines.


New to EDP? We have you covered. Scroll to access how to submit your proposal, style guide, permissions log, and more!

Proposal Submission and Review Process

Want to publish with EDP? The first step is submitting a proposal.

Your book proposal is a document that provides an initial overview of a book or project in advance of completing the full manuscript. Your proposal should provide enough information that the acquiring editor understands the topic, concept, and has a sample of your writing.

EDP Manuscript Submission and Style Guide

As an EDP author, you will navigate several steps in the publishing process. As you work on your book, be sure that you are following the style guide. A properly prepared manuscript will speed up the production process. A poorly prepared manuscript, or one that is incomplete, will delay the project.

Your Book Has Been Accepted!
What’s Next?

Once you have received the good news that your proposal has been accepted, you will receive a contract for your review. Please visit this guide for the next steps and an explanation of the editing process. 

Permissions Log

All completed manuscripts must include a signed permissions log, even if there are no quotes, pictures, or content provided by someone other than the credited authors. Use the guide throughout your writing process to ensure proper citations and attributions.

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